Black Tourmaline Healing Crystal Wand

Black Tourmaline Wands

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Keep negative energy at bay with this protection stone.  Black Tourmaline is known for its powers to absorb all the negativity it comes across.  If you are a person that is sensitive to EMFs and radiation, this is a stone you should have in your arsenal.  It is also known for its ability to protect against psychic attacks.  Black Tourmaline is an excellent stone to use during meditation to ground yourself.   

  • Let go of toxic emotions
  • Release stress
  • Diffuse negative thoughts
  • Deal with jealously 
  • Sooth anxiety

The crystal wand is the traditional tool of the healer.  The energy from the wand comes focused out of the tip.  You can then direct this energy to heal the entire body or a specific area.  

Wand size:  Approx. 3.25 inches

Country of origin:  India

Intuitively picked by Cosmic Child