Clear Quartz Healing Crystal Angel Angels

Quartz Angels

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Quartz is the master healer, also known as the "Life Force."  It is the most versatile stone and is said to have universal knowledge.  This stone will work with any intention and amplify other crystals around it. It will bring your body into balance as it aligns your chakras.  If you are on a spiritual path to figuring out your life purpose, this crystal is a must for you.  

  • Raise your consciousness
  • Intensify your manifesting
  • Purify your energy
  • Enhance psychic gifts

Call on angelic energy and support with angel-shaped crystals.  This shape will allow you to connect with your guardian angel or any other angel you like.  It is a very high vibrational shape and will assist with all kinds of healings.  

Angel size:  Approx. 3 - 3.25 inches

Country of origin:  Brazil