Green Aventurine Crystal Healing Angels

Green Aventurine Angels

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If you are looking for a lucky charm, this is it.  It is also known as the "stone of opportunity," and is a go-to when manifesting wealth and abundance.  Green Aventurine encourages us to break out of old patterns, get out of our comfort zone and seek adventure.  It is also a great stone that can bring your body into balance as it creates an equilibrium between your masculine and feminine sides.   

  • Calm an overactive mind
  • Heal the heart chakra
  • Increase confidence
  • Create success
  • Assist with breaking bad habits

Call on angelic energy and support with angel-shaped crystals.  This shape will allow you to connect with your guardian angel or any other angel you like.  It is a very high vibrational shape and will assist with all kinds of healings.  

Angel size:  Approx. 3.5 inches

Country of origin:  Brazil

Intuitively picked by Cosmic Child