Mini Howlite Hearts

Mini Howlite Hearts

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Discover the calming effects of Howlite.  It is a powerful stone that will connect you to The Divine and help you keep your cool.   Keep it on your nightstand or underneath a pillow to assist with sleep.  It is also a go to stone to use during times of stress and will calm an overactive mind.  Use this air stone to connect to the crown chakra and open up your mind to receive knowledge and insights. 

  • Increase your patience
  • Deal with your anger
  • Deal with angry people
  • Asisst with sleep
  • Balance your emotions

Heart shape crystals radiate strong love energy.  It's a powerful shape that attracts love and light.  Use a heart shape crystal and its strong vibration to activate the heart chakra.      

Heart size:  Approx. 1.25 inches

Country of origin:  United States

Intuitively picked by Cosmic Child