Shungite Crystal Pyramids

Shungite Pyramids

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Shungite is known as the EMF protection stone.  This stone should be placed next to computers, phones, microwaves, and tablets.  Its properties transmute the harmful rays that these devices output.  Shungite is also a very good stone for spiritual and emotional detoxification.  It will help you release toxic energy, revitalizing your spirit.

  • Energize your mind, body and soul
  • Ground yourself
  • Purify your energy
  • Aids astral travel

The sacral geometry shape of the pyramid is a powerful tool for manifestation.  The four sides of the pyramid will ground the energy to the earth, while sending amplified energy and the intention up throughout the apex into the universe.  

Pyramid size:  Approx. 2 x 1.5 inches

Country of origin:  Russia

Intuitively picked by Cosmic Child