Small Rose Quartz Raw Stones

Small Rose Quartz Raw Stones

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The ultimate love stone.  Rose Quartz is known for its ability to heal relationships.  It opens the heart chakra and promotes unconditional love with all different kinds of love.   It can attract new romantic interests, strengthen family bonds and nurture friendships.  Work with this stone to release negative thoughts and emotions and turn them into unconditional love.  

  • Forgive yourself and others
  • Make peace with a loss or break up
  • Connect to the heart chakra
  • Promote kindness and compassion
  • Balance your emotions

Raw stones are thought to have more powerful energy and a stronger presence since they carry their natural energy.  They make great stones to carry with you or place on your chakras.     

Stone size:  Approx. 1 - 2 inches

Country of origin:  India

Intuitively picked by Cosmic Child